Wageningen Research is the contract research organisation of Wageningen University & Research (WUR). WUR is a world-renowned organisation that combines fundamental and applied research with innovative education in the areas of food, agrotechnology, production systems, nature and the environment.

Wageningen Plant Research, business unit Greenhouse Horticulture, is an organisation for strategic and applied-scientific research on protected crop production for national and international authorities. Drawing on a history of more than 100 years of research in greenhouse horticulture and vast experience in leading and participating in EU projects (e.g. Spicy, Euphoros, Flow-aid, Echord, CROPS, SWEEPER, PicknPack) or Public-Private-Partnerships (PPS), the greenhouse horticulture group specializes in providing integrated solutions for sustainable horticultural production. Research topics are a.o. designing greenhouse production system, climate and energy, crop physiology and management, new crops and cropping systems, modern crop protection, water and nutrient management, computer vision and robotization in horticultural greenhouses. The Wageningen UR LightLab is a unique facility with the most modern measurement equipment for properties of greenhouse materials. With a strong focus on applied research, projects are commonly implemented in close collaboration with companies to assure that the results obtained are implemented in horticultural practice.

Wageningen Economic Research carries out social and economic, independent and applied research. Internationally leading. Their unique data, models and knowledge offer insights and integral advice for policy and decision-making. Innovation is focused on the balance between the earth’s capacity and human actions; based on (socio)economic and technological expertise. Wageningen Economic Research has been an expert in this playing field for over 75 years. Their strength lies in developing new insights based on market intelligence (fact and evidence based information) and their integrated approach to issues. Wageningen Economic Research has a nationally and internationally proven track record and extensive experience in setting up and carrying out policy analyses, including social cost/benefit analyses, impact evaluations, and future studies, as well as market and chain research, consumer research and the development of monitoring system for industry. Our research relies on high-quality market and chain knowledge, a wide and international knowledge network, and unique data and models from the micro to the macro level.

Website: http://www.glastuinbouw.wur.nl


Major activities in PPS Smart Materials

Leader of WP1 (Technical requirements of smart materials), WP2 (Global market assessment), WP3 (Technology assessment of existing smart materials), WP4 (Adaptation of existing materials to innovative systems), scientific overall projectleader.


Key persons


dr. Silke Hemming, scientific overall projectleader

 She has studied Horticultural Sciences at the University of Hanover, Germany and got her phD in 1998, completing a thesis with the title ”The effect of photoselective greenhouse covering materials on ornamental plants”. Since 1999 she works at Wageningen University and Research Centre at different institutes in different positions. Since 2007 she is head of the scientific research team Greenhouse Technology within Wageningen UR.She is an expert on the field of novel greenhouse design concepts and modern greenhouse coverings, worked on several projects related to increasing light transmission, changing light spectrum, the effect of diffuse light, the possibilities of NIR-reflecting coverings and the development of modern coatings for glass coverings. Silke Hemming was project leader several international research projects on greenhouse systems in different climate zones world-wide and designed several new  energy saving greenhouse concepts in The Netherlands. 


dr. Cecilia Stanghellini, leader WP1

An Italian physicist with a Dutch PhD in Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, Cecilia Stanghellini has been working at Wageningen University and Research Centre for some 30 years, on the resource use and management of greenhouses in wet and dry climates. Major topics are: greenhouse climate simulation and management; crop yield and resource use efficiency; economy and environmental impact of greenhouse crops.She has participated in and lead several large international projects, financed by the European Union, governments and large companies in Europe, Latin America, and Africa on the topic of efficient greenhouse vegetable production and capacity building. She teaches “Greenhouse Technology” at Wageningen University and gives regularly short courses in Italy and Spain. She is fluent in five languages and has been invited as lecturer in five continents. 


dr. Esteban Baeza, leader WP3 and WP4

His research activity has been focused on the field of greenhouse technology for different climates, with special attention to the Mediterranean region. His main fields of research range from the modeling and improvement of greenhouse natural ventilation systems (using different techniques such as Computational Fluid Dynamics), design of new greenhouse prototypes, testing of greenhouse covering materials, testing of different greenhouse cooling and heating techniques, development of new greenhouse concepts (heat storage, semi-closed greenhouses, etc.), CO2 enrichment, greenhouse climate modeling and use of renewable energies in the greenhouse, amongst others. He has participated in 11 research projects funded from regional, national or European institutions.  d farming systems and greenhouse horticulture. 


Bram van Breugel, BSc, expert optics and greenhouse materials


ir. Marc Ruijs, leader WP2

He is an expert on the field of agricultural economics, agricultural systems, general economics, horticulture, plant production systems, spatial planning, energy, economic analysis, innovations, integrated farming systems and greenhouse horticulture.