Welcome to our project PPS Smart Materials!

The demand for vegetables and fruits worldwide is increasing. Vegetables and fruits for fresh consumptions are produced in protected cultivation. With increasing affluence, the area of protected cultivation in the world is increasing, leading to increased demand for fresh, high-quality vegetables, without chemical residues.

This program is based on the future vision that new greenhouse production systems will utilize sunlight in a very efficient way since they will be covered with smart or adaptable materials. Solar light at any climate zone in the world is converted in a form (quantity, quality, geometrical distribution) exactly needed by the crop to produce fresh products with high yield, good taste, high healthy components. All growth factors (light, temperature, CO2, humidity) will be controlled by smart or adaptable materials in order to reach a minimum input of natural resources during food production (energy, CO2, water).

This program is financed by two Dutch topsectors TKI Horticulture and Starting Material and Hightech Systems and materials (High-tech 2 Feed the World) and offers a unique collaboration of horticultural supply industry with high-tech industry, as well as a unique collaboration between academic and industrial research in the areas of horticulture and chemistry to design new greenhouse production concepts with smart materials for the horticultural industry. The Dutch horticultural sector will profit from knowledge brought in from the international high-tech industry and will benefit from the knowledge and new products developed in this program.